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Haverim is a beautiful word found during our first event.  It was stretched across the chest of a lovely lady’s shirt, and I asked what it meant.  In a nutshell -- it is a Hebrew word for Friendship.  But as you can imagine -- it goes well beyond that simple definition, to include mutual respect and deep love for a friend!  How beautiful is that!  
God played that word over and over in Beth’s heart for a week.  She studied the word and found that in the days of the Torah, two individuals would roll out a scroll, stand on either side of it, read The Word, debate The Word and help each other grow in The Word!  They were called Havers!

Home: Who We Are

ORIGIN OF CHAVERIM: from Hebrew חברים, plural of חבר (chaver).
Haverim, translated from the Hebrew root havar, means to convey the fellowship, partnership and mutual respect between friends.

What We Do

Making A Difference


Who are your Havers?

Who do you trust to speak truth into your life? 
Do you have a trusted circle of friends?  
This is precisely what Haverim is about!

Come do life with us!

We coordinate events and gatherings where ladies can meet new friends, get a fresh Word from the Lord and walk away with a trusted Haver to do life with.

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